SoSe 2020

Visual Computing Praktikum

Instructors: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Wand
Shortname: 08.079.640
Course No.: 08.079.640
Course Type: Praktikum (intern)

Requirements / organisational issues

Content: We will try out ideas from visual computing and data science in practice. The lab course will take place during the semester break (in summer); the dates will be discussed in the initial meeting.

Intial meeting: The initial in-person meeting (planned for Apr 24 2020) has been canceled. We will send a message via Reader-Mail concerning the further organization (see below).

Digital teaching

The Seminar will be held in a digital format. Participants will be tasked with conducting a software- or research-project in small teams. The results will be presented in digital form to all participants in a "block"-event during the semester break (typ. Aug/Sept); the exact date will be determined later.

For all further communication, we will use the JGU-Reader platform:

Please make sure to observe messages send from this system and use it as landing-page for further material and instructions (it might link to other digital systems).

A first post with further details will be issued within the first few weeks of the semester (end of April / early May the latest).