Modellbildung II Seminar

Instructors: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Wand; Ronja Schnur
Shortname: 08.079.630
Course No.: 08.079.630
Course Type: Seminar

Requirements / organisational issues

The seminar is open to students from the modelling courses and computer vision courses, as well as participants of the course "Computer Graphics 1". For graphics, there will be a separate list of topics.


The Seminar discusses recent research papers from computer graphics, comnputer vision and machine learning.

Please see the website of the seminar for details:

(available 04/2024)

Additional information

The seminar will be held during the "summer vacation", probably during September 2024.

Details will be decided in an organisatorial meeting on April 19 2024, 14h c.t. in Room 03 424 (Staudingerweg 9).