SoSe 2019

Einführung in die Softwareentwicklung - Digitale Methodik

David Hartmann; Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Wand

Shortname: 08.079.015-DM
Course No.: 08.079.015-DM

Digitale Lehre

The course will be offered in a digital format involving prerecorded lecture videos and live tutorials.

Further details will be published in the "JGU-Reader" - please refer to the page corresponding to "Einführung in die Softwareentwicklung".

All Info will be made available on or before Friday, April 17 2020 (including an email to all participants via "reader-messages").

Note: Jogustine distinguishes between EiS and EiS "Digitale Methodik" (in English they have the same name). You will see two entries in the JGU-Reader; choose the one for the main event (in English: The one with more participants). In case you do not see two entries after Mo, Apr 20 2020, please let us know via email.


Date (Day of the week)TimeLocation
04/20/2020 (Monday)14.00 to 16.00HS 19
04/27/2020 (Monday)14.00 to 16.00HS 19
05/04/2020 (Monday)14.00 to 16.00HS 19
05/11/2020 (Monday)14.00 to 16.00HS 19
05/18/2020 (Monday)14.00 to 16.00HS 19
05/25/2020 (Monday)14.00 to 16.00HS 19
06/08/2020 (Monday)14.00 to 16.00HS 19
06/15/2020 (Monday)14.00 to 16.00HS 19
06/22/2020 (Monday)14.00 to 16.00HS 19
06/29/2020 (Monday)14.00 to 16.00HS 19
07/06/2020 (Monday)14.00 to 16.00HS 19

Semester: WiSe 2020/21